Kayleigh van Dijk, MSc

Kayleigh obtained her bachelor’s degree Life Science & Technology at Delft University of Technology and Leiden University. She acquired her master’s degree at Leiden university where she specialized in Research & Development in biomedical sciences. During her research internship she worked on T-cell immunity after COVID-19 vaccination in patients with hematological malignancies using spectral flow cytometry. She started her PhD in August 2022. During which she will be working on developing a non-invasive photoacoustic spectral imaging strategy to analyze lesion composition using the multimodal Vevo3100 LAZR-X system. Additionally, she will validate the lesion composition analysis using the gold standard of composition analysis; immunohistochemistry.

Most recent publications

Increased CD8 T-cell immunity after COVID-19 vaccination in lymphoid malignancy patients lacking adequate humoral response: An immune compensation mechanism?
Boerenkamp LS, Pothast CR, Dijkland RC, van Dijk K, van Gorkom GNY, van Loo IHM, Wieten L, Halkes CJM, Heemskerk MHM and Van Elssen CHMJ
SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination of aplastic anemia patients is safe and effective
Pothast CR, van Dijk K, Pool ES, Halkes CJM, Heemskerk MHM and Tjon JM